Level SMT Instructor Award

Watch the Suspension Training Instructor theory video and answer the questions in the knowledge review that also relate to unit 1 of the Suspension Training Instructor manual.

At the end of the knowledge review click on the "view score" to reveal your mark. The pass mark is 18/20 (90%).

If you do not attain this score you have the opportunity to check through the marked test and obtain feedback for incorrect questions.

You must then re-submit another knowledge review attempt, answering all of the questions again by clicking on the "submit another response" link that is provided at the end of the test.

You may re-submit the knowledge review as many times as you need to until you achieve the required mark of 90%.

Once you achieve a minimum mark of 18/20, the Suspension Training coursework assignment is complete and your SMT course tutor will confirm this with you by email.

SMT Instructor Theory Video (Video Password: smt_eptiptcourses_smt)